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Other Games City of Heroes Homecoming


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Have you heard about the drama about a 15 year old game that hasn’t been playable since 2012?

Well, turns out there’s a way to play City of Heroes on a private server. NC Soft (so far) hasn’t sent take down notices.

I’m on Excelsior (blue side) if anyone wants to join me. I’ll be forming up the League of Monster Slayers is anyone wants to join me.
My username is Liarbyrd.

Mind you, the game is far from perfect and the servers are super laggy. I got disco’d a few times last night but I got to play my fire/fire blaster Novarama and it felt so good! And, of course, the servers could vanish tomorrow. I’m enjoy a return to Paragon City while I can.

Instructions on how to play the game.

View: https://youtu.be/mrs_B6WRRJM


Hmmm dusting off Pyre's phone number. I can practically hear the screams of joy from wherever the military has taken him to.


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lol, nopes, I certainly haven't, just picked that up vaguely in discord somewhere... well, wasn't paying much attention (obviously) :p


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Some of the people in Teamspeak have been playing it lately. Dire was especially excited about the news. I don't think that many of them really check this forum much anymore, but I'll try to remember to tell them you are on the server, Beecher, next time I talk to them.


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FYI ALL!!!!!

my AV (ESET) found malware in the Tequila d/l....... :/


Emotet and Trickbot are information stealers targeting Windows-based computers, and they are best known as banking malware. Each are typically distributed through separate distinct malicious spam (malspam) campaigns. ... Although Emotet andTrickbot are from different malware families, they have some similarities.

You have been warned!!
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Damon T

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May I enquire, as to whether this malware issue has now been resolved?
Also is there any indication who put it there?

Cheers. :)

Damon T

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If it helps any, after not getting any response to my question I DL and had it thoroughly scanned at every stage without finding any issues.

Regrettably it took longer to DL then it did to install and remain on my machine. Not having played that 'hero' game before and thus having no nostalgia, I found it to be too clunky and dated. But that is just a personal choice; if you like it good luck and enjoy. :)