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Chat UI colors


LoMS Member
Since i have been requested to post it here:

There is an easy way (without mod) to change the colors of chat channels, like group or raid messages. I find the dark red quite difficult to read in certain lairs.
These color values are in an XML file, so changing them can hardly break anything as long as you don't break the XML tag structure by deleting an " or < />.

The file is TextColors.xml in <gamedir>\Data\GUI\Default
The file is already commented.

1) Take a backup
2) Edit hex color values (RGB). Common colors are listed at the beginning of the file by FC.

e.g. The raid chat settings look like that:

<HTMLColor name="ctch_raid_name" color="0xc15f0e" />
<HTMLColor name="ctch_raid_text" color="0xc15f0e" />

So if you want to replace that with white, change it to color="0xFFFFFF".
ctch_raid_name is the player name, ctch_raid_text the actual message.

If you want to change the color of your regular posts in general chat or lfg, there is a mod for that at curseforge.