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Wildstar Character and Guild name Reservation


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Good news everyone!

I sent a request to fix the guild reservation name and...

There it is! Successfully Saved! WOOOHOOO!

PS: I didn't reserve "The League of Monster Slayers" because: Error: "That guild name is too long."
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Lets see how it goes i was also thinking if we cant change name we can add to it like League of Monster Slayers (NA) or (EU) we will see on launch date


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Yeah what he said .

I will do a TS that daywe know what the servers name will be so the NA folks that can get on we can discuss what server we want to land on . We will be Exiles and i will make a Dominion Slayer for alts to dabble in the dark side if we need to. (still new to the circle thing but i think i can have ahkroon hold my hand through tit >.<) From what it seems you have to have 10 or 12 gold to create the guild and be level 12 wont be that hard. So i will keep my ear to the ground and hope to hear good things


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I think the gold will be harder than anything else
If WS Economy stays relatively similar to what it is now, It'll be easy enough if it's done with that intention.

Note: This are not advices for your all leveling experience (although still valid). This is mostly valid from 1-30, after that income starts to boost up and leveling speed will slow down a bit (while dificulty keeps ramping up).

Some early lvl tricks for getting some extra gold:
- Don't repair: Replace - Repairs are kinda expensive when added together. Unless you have an item reaching it's lowest threashold ignore the repair as you'll get a replacement soon enough.
- Grab gathering, forget about crafting - Crafting can get really Expensive in WS, specially if you're on need of mats you don't have. Most crafts require you to buy at least one item from a vendor or directly from the craft window. You can get good prices in the Commodity Exchange, but if you wish to keep all the stuff it's ok too. The main reason to not get a craft is to not spend by crafting. selling mats can give you an extra income, but you'll need to re-grind them all when you decide to get a craft. Also, you can change crafts without losing their progression, although theres a cooldown on how much you can swap trades.
- Some quest rewards are great vendor items - Nothing of interest in the quest reward item list? grab the most expensive and vendor it.
- Don't buy the lvl 15 mount - At lvl 15 you'll be eager to stop running everywhere and grab a mount. All I can say is, be ready to spend money again in a mount in 10 lvls, as the hoverboard beats any mount. 10 lvls will go by really fast and the income via kills and quest rewards will be much higher at that point.
- Look for bad bussiness - AH and CX can have stuff sold under the vendor price. Over your mouse over the items and check if the vendor price is higher. If so, buy them all and vendor it. No reason to AH or CX it. There's a reason those are there with that price.
- Take advantage of those that don't know the game: Sell Reputation AMPS - Not sure if they are still not BoP, but Rep Amps could be sold in CX. Most new players will not notice those or will not even care, since by the time they first see them (first open world area) they won't have enough points to unlock the 2nd tier. Fact is, most people are too lazy to go back and buy them (or some have lvled in a different zone). They usually sell quite well.
- Don't buy gear - Some vendors and AH may have some nice gear there, that would be a welcomed upgrade to yours, but remember, that gear will last a few gameplay hours before getting replaced.


Dir. of Virgin sacrifices and Cookies inventory
From Wildstar wiki

Your reputation with the different factions in WildStar will determine how you are able to interact with players and NPCs on Nexus. Gaining or losing reputation with the various factions in WildStar is determined by the player’s choices and actions. Which quests you complete, which NPCs you help or harm, and what monsters you kill can raise or lower your reputation with the different factions of the world.
If you fall out of favor with a faction, members of that faction may become unfriendly with you. You can become unable to buy from or sell to them, or interact with them at all. Push it even further and they’ll turn hostile, attacking you on sight. However, the same actions may please a rival faction, allowing your reputation to rise with one group while it falls with another.

so safe to assume any faction you have a good rep with you will be able to purchase an AMP from a NPC that you have good rep with i just dont know what level of reputation you need to be able to purchase the AMP


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As Streakz posted, Reputation works not differentely from the typical mmo rep system.
At each zone you'll find Rep Vendors that will sell you stuff by reputation tiers (also as usual on other mmos). At Popular reputation those zone rep vendors will have a few Amps to sell you (all of them just for your class). Those are what I call rep Amps. Amps that you buy via rep vendors :D


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Yeah, the money shouldn't be a big issue. I plan on playing a decent bit during headstart, and based on my character I've played during open beta, I've got ~3g at level 14. Since there isn't that much need for money at low levels, it wouldn't kill me to toss a decent bit of that towards Streakz two or three days in, and only two or three other people would have to contribute similar amounts in order to get the 10. Also, calling it now: said donation of guild-making money gives myself the right to name myself head of the secret police.


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Thanks for the clarification.

I have been poking around the weekends and open beta but there is still so much to know.

Depending on what happens I would be willing to throw some money at the guild.