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Event *Cancelled* Lunas Monster kill run 20th April 2019

Added to Calendar: 04-20-19


After a bit of input from the forums and players online, along with a bit of a break due to family and friend issues, it is time to start :-

The semi-regular,
WTF was I thinking,
Hunt the Achievement,
Do I Really need to kill All of these,

Monster Kill run Spectacular...

This weeks Run will be split into two half hour sections (to prevent tedious repetitive boredom)
First half with be Kaidan , hanging around in grave yards killing Kyonshi (static farm bring caffeine).
Second half will be in the Scorching Desert running Lunas triple threat route (scorpions to mummy's to Jinn due to re spawn timer on Jinn)

Will be starting at 12 noon BST (GMT+1)
Will be on Teamspeak, for advice, sarcasm and general silliness.
Bring your own Cookies...

*Edit will Not be running at this time, due to family issues.
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That's Saturday at13.00 for us in CET - difficult time for me, but if I'm here I'll be there. Or, wait, if I'm there, I'll be here...? Can't promise, may be out hunting wabbits :p


Having to postpone this one for a bit, my mums got a chest infection so i will be doing her weekly shop on sataday and i dont think i will be back in time.

*edit it seams im going to be there for the whole of sataday and most of sunday now, so will ataempt to re-orgoise this at a later date.
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She is doing ok all things considered.
Alas thay can not give her anything for the chest infection due to the meds she is on after having a caratrax removed.
So might not be on much at the weekends for a bit longer.