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Event Cabal Pride Event

Added to Calendar: 04-28-18


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We're going to this thing!
Cabal Pride 2018 - Sat. 28th April, 1800 GMT

Saturday, 28th April, 1800 GMT.

LoMS will have a 5 minute spot. I'd like as many slayers there in monster hunting jackets, bunny slippers and fezes as possible.

Now I have to see how to get this on the calendar.

Update: Our time slot is 18:25 GMT, which is 14:25 EDT and even earlier, 11:25 PDT for the West Coast.
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I feel like I have probably forgotten more about this game in the last few years than they changed, so if this is a noob question, apologies in advance. I remember during events we used to have to know what server number things were happening on so we could change to that virtual place if we were in a different virtual place. Is that still the case? I would hate to be standing in an empty Axel's while you guys are all partying elsewhere. This question is just for my education. I'm sure someone would direct me to right place on the day of the event. It would be like a boy scout helping me cross a busy street. "Come on, old lady. Over here. Yes, yes, that's it, Granny."


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Did they relax the stupidly low number you could have per instance yet?
Not exactly no, i think there is something in place to help raids get to same instance easier, but max cap is still somewhere around 15 or so.


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Update: Our time slot is 18:25 GMT, which is 14:25 EDT and even earlier, 11:25 PDT for the West Coast.

I'm still waiting for my new computer to arrive. :( Some parts were out of stock. I believe I can get my old machine alive on Saturday. I've just been avoiding it because last time it made me really frustrated.


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It happened. Cabal Pride Recruiting Event 2018, a.k.a. Bee Legends.

We were there, took over the piano corner (where Lunas did a Lunarace) and stepped forward in time without serious mishaps. Except there was a force field preventing us from sacrificing Lunas in the firepit.

Glorious Chaos Cabal - and we can do this every time totally unscripted!

Our Prez, The Beecher, managed to keep her computer alive long enough to make it through the presentation, which went somewhat along the lines of: 'We love cookies, we love typos, and our relationship with monsters is complicated' and 'we're casual and relaxed and like nice peeps and un-like un-nice peeps' - a fine summation of our platform and mission statement. (and we added two new Lomsies right during Priding)

This first Cabal Pride in SWL had ten cabals participating, half of which were RP cabals. Somewhat fewer cabals than previous Prides, which is as expected: starting and growing a cabal takes a lot of work, so the larger cabals and the very specialized ones tend to have better survival rates.