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Event Cabal Pride Event

Added to Calendar: 04-28-18


Crazy hermit cat lady
I feel like I have probably forgotten more about this game in the last few years than they changed, so if this is a noob question, apologies in advance. I remember during events we used to have to know what server number things were happening on so we could change to that virtual place if we were in a different virtual place. Is that still the case? I would hate to be standing in an empty Axel's while you guys are all partying elsewhere. This question is just for my education. I'm sure someone would direct me to right place on the day of the event. It would be like a boy scout helping me cross a busy street. "Come on, old lady. Over here. Yes, yes, that's it, Granny."


Slayer of Spam
Did they relax the stupidly low number you could have per instance yet?
Not exactly no, i think there is something in place to help raids get to same instance easier, but max cap is still somewhere around 15 or so.