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Event Cabal Pride 2019

Added to Calendar: 05-11-19


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Sorry I wasn't able to make it, Baggie, but it seems like a good time was had! :) It's a yearly thing, right? Hopefully next year I can dance in synchronization.
No worries, and it's a bit of a hassle for transatlantic lomsers ;)
It was great fun, and about as well populated as last year's, which given the circumstances I count as a success. As usual, the overwhelming majority were RP-ers and RP cabals. But we were there, we opened - I goofed switching screens in time so Drina had to read up our presentation, that's in character :p - and we got two recruits. Not half bad :D


Appologies that I could not make it this year, dealing with a few family problems at the moment so not sure when i can get online.