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DPS Blood/Elemental DPS build


LoMS Member
Hey all. I have been looking for this for a while, and finally decided to ask my fellow cabal-mates for their suggestions:

I am currently running a Blood/Elemental build for DPS with an Item Power of 700. My actives are Torment for a builder, Desecrate, Reap, Maleficium, and Mjolnir (Ele) for power abilities, and Eldrich Scourge for my elite.

I open with Eldrich Scourge, then 2 Maleficium. Then 3 Mjolnir for Damage and to increase heat levels. I then use Desecrate along with 1 or 2 more Maleficium, then reap to lower corruption levels. By that time Eldrich Scourge has reset, and I can restart my rotation, peppering in Mjolnir whenever I have enough power to cast it again.

I am using the Eldrich tome which increases DoTs as well as adding corruption when using Reap, Desecrate, Runic Hex, and Eldrich Scourge.
For elemental, I am using a Thermal Shunt, which adds damage after you dissipate heat for 10 seconds.
I also switch between the purple werewolf gadget and a gold version of the gadget from Tokyo that adds a set amount of damage to each attack (I can't remember the name).

I really enjoy this combination, but am looking to tighten up my abilities, and hopefully increase my DPS. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I can sustain about 7k DPS with my current equipment.