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Blind Man's Buff (my Darkness War e4 story).


The Secret World Officer
(Blame Benfaol for the title.)

So, no sh*t, there I was...

We were running an e4 Darkness War. Got past the first two bosses and were on the third when suddenly... I go blind. This is apparently a bug, now. I can see names of my group and the names of the bad guys, and I can open chests, but nothing more.

So, of course, I try to reset, try to reloadui, nothing works. Eventually they get the third boss, but by the time I can be led to the chest it's gone. So we figure that we'll wipe on boss 4, see if that helps.

So I use the road to get to boss 4, and we... don't wipe? I shoot at red names, keep tossing out Purification Drones and Regenerations, we live. I get the chest.

We go to boss 5. I still can't see. I chase white names until I die; because let's face it, I'm not going to be able to dodge artillery fire blind. Still blind after we... didn't wipe.

Cutscene! Surely that will fix this! And it does not. The cutscene itself is horribly dark and impossible to see, and now we're on last boss. So we wipe by going over the side. And I'm still blind.


F*ck it. We're going in.

DW Final boss is a fascinating battle when you can't see it. I'm still jumping and Regenerating and Purification Droning it, and shooting at the red names whenever I see one hovering in the air. And we... don't wipe. We actually get the boss. So, victory!

I get led up to the chest. Somebody cheers! Agent! Blue chest. Two of the other players get radiant talismans. Blood Halo and Pigment from Beyond. Double victory!

I click. And get Andy.

So. We basically four-manned an e4 and got a double-agent blue chest out of it. Because we're the League of Monster Slayers, and that's how we roll.


Filthy Casual
I've done DW with the Blue Mountain Fog bug active - because it limits your visibility to about 2 meters, give or take, it switches the genre of the boss battles from action to horror. All of a sudden, zombie Mayan suicide bombers jump out of the mist into your face...

No Andy though :(