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Been away - somewhat returning


LoMS Member
Greetings all.

Been away for a bit, and will try and return to the game a bit more regulary, or at least log in to finish my dailies and jump in if someone is doing something/need whatever help I can give :)
Should be on in the evening EU time.

I sort of got into an car accident and had to spend abit of time in hospital, nothing really major, but lost some hearing on left ear and they had to open and fix a bit of the screws and stuff I have in my back.
So playtime will be when body feels like it.


mightier than the sword
Yes, welcome back Bazz. I'm sorry you had to spend time in the hospital but I look forward to doing some lairs or dungeons with you.


LoMS Member
oh shit, Bazza! Glad you're alright, and welcome back, whenever!
No worries I am sort of okay again.
Got a bit more pain in my back and some trouble with my left shoulder, but the latter I should be able to get rid of with physio.
So it is just some more relaxing and training for me, and listening a bit more with my right ear :D

But thanks all