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Autumn and new officers

The game has been way down since a few months back - low population and it's reflected in LoMS active membership and chat. Still, there's new members coming in, and new players in SWL all the time. So I went and ninja-promoted a couple of good Lomsers and mates to help with herding cats:

@Trichelieu (EU-based), whom you may have seen around expounding on the wonders of cheese, and happily pounding away at Megabosses, once a week, for the benefit of our members and players at large.

Latest ninja-addition is @Unsafecrayon (East-coaster), who's been participating and helping out at any and all times, not just the East-coastish ones. They don't have a thing for cheese, that I know of. Maybe cider.
Just want to say sorry for my lack of activity. Work takes up a lot of time, and I try to get a day with my cousin each week. Doesn't leave much time, especially since the game is not very stable and crashes when I try to move.

Congrats to Crayon and Trichelieu.
The NVIDIA crashes at least seem to be more or less gone, if that was the issue... But no one should apologise for real life taking the place of game time!
It's just been a lot of days of work since I moved to Texas, plus recently my depression starting to act up because I won't be scaring people this year. Fortunately it looks like next week I can go and see what is supposed to be the best haunt in the area, see how I feel about it for next year, also get some spookiness in my life again. Once a scare actor, always a scare actor. With any luck, this time next year will be very busy between my regular job and a scaring job. Might sound strange to some, but scaring people is my happy place.