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ESO Anyone still playing this?


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TheStain and I have been playing for about two months now. We're progressing very good so far. Problem with ESO is, that you can't repeat missions. So if you saved a village, the monsters there are gone for you and you can't help other players with the mission (that only works in certain areas). So if you want to play with someone, it would be best, if you find someone who will start the game with you at the same time.

Also you have to make sure, you're on the same server as the ones you play with (US or EU, you can't switch) and you have to choose the same "faction" to start together.

And if you're interested in buying now. The game is on sale in the Humble Bundle store.


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I am actually going to dust this game off and play it for a bit need a bit of change. Will start off a new character. Looking forward to see what the new expansion Morrowind will do also


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I love ESO. I subbed for the first time recently to get my inventory under control. Not having to worry about bag space makes the game so much more enjoyable! I hadn't thought to look for LOMS representation in Tamriel, but I guess I should have.

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I been playing on PS4, but Avenal convinced me to start a PC char too. Game is soooooo much better after One Tamriel than it was at release. love it now.