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Wildstar A Reverie of Wildstar...


in-game: "MacDonald" , reppin' Sir Sonnac
<> Gorgeous world, with bright colors and cartoon-ey design---the counterpart of Secret World's more dimmed, shadowy, realistic design.
If you find some of the style familiar, it's because the artist of Jak & Daxter : Precursor was involved. (Although its much more common for folks to find that Wildstar looks more like Ratchet & Clank instead).

<> Fights also involve enemies that ground-telegraph their attacks (so as a player of Secret World, it won't be too much of a new thing), although, Wildstar also involves your attacks being ground-telegraphed as well, so that will be new.

<> Wildstar is free-to-play, and similar to Secret World, was not originally designed that way, so the reality is that all of the story content is free. It does have a subscription option, and just like Secret World Legends in particular, has daily login rewards, with a bonus for subscribers.