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SWL 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway


Well, it seems we slayers might have a tradition going...

Indeed, it does seem to be that time of year again!! Time for our Holiday Giveaway! Even though you may not be ready for all the festivities that take place around this time, we all know that you are ready to enter into what will clearly be the highlight of your year :p

In all seriousness, we have some great prizes, and this year, we are going to be doing things a little different from the past two years. This year, instead of having prizes (gifts) and picking a name for the gift, this year we will draw the names of the winning slayers in order of who will have first, second, third, and so on, pick of the listed gifts.

This Year's Gifts
Legend Pillow - this a a 16 x 16 SWL legend pillow (cover and insert)
A full set of 4-pip Imbuers (one each - weapon, talisman & glyph)
A full set of Energizing Empowerment Catalysts (one of each - signet, glyph, weapon & talisman)
A full set of 50% Synergizing Empowerment Catalysts (1 for each of the 7 tali slots)
A set of 4 Nemain signets
A stack of 99 Shipping Container Key A

(NOTE: There will be five winners of this year's holiday giveaway...)

So please help this tradition continue to be a success by entiring. This is open to all slayers rank one, two, and three, and friends of The League that have been active in chat and events during the 2021 year. Just reply to enter. (not open to rank 4 or 5)

The drawing will be done on New Year's Day!

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"Entiring"? Is that a word? <Participating> is what was looked for but not found me thinks :) Just kidding! I know all you people do this as volunteers and it is much appreciated! So yeah... I like free stuff! Sign me up! :D Long live Secret World Legends!