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  1. Zedman

    I'm on the fence

    Having a blast leveling this toon with fists, but also had a lot of fun with an assault rifle toon. Can't make up my mind which to go with, lol. (p.s. wonder why the screenshot is so fuzzy, compared to the actual game which is amazingly clear and sharp.)
  2. Zedman

    Staring down the vampire

    Who will blink first?
  3. Zedman

    Solo The manly art of fisticuffs

    "Fisticuffs are a favourite pastime for the Victorian Gentleman, as well as a way to sort out minor scuffles and souffles. Unlike modern boxers, the Victorian Gentlemen were not layabouts nor lollygaggers; they required neither padding nor special equipment. Bare knuckle fighting was the order...
  4. Zedman

    How to improve QoL for Illuminatis

    Funcom should make a special quest for Illuminati players that give a pair of cement shoes as a reward. These could then be put on Kirsten Geary before you throw her off the Brooklyn Bridge to shut her up forever. That would be the only reason I would ever want to play another Illuminati toon.
  5. Zedman

    New Fatal Error

    Since today's patch (November 1), I have been getting this error message when trying to log in: "Fatal Error: Not all resources were downloaded correctly. Please restart the Update Manager." Is the patcher the same thing as the Update Manager? I restarted it with no effect. I tried the Repair...
  6. Zedman

    Problems with redshell.dll file (

    Lately I've started to have problems with something called the redshell.dll file. I'll be playing away no problem, but when I come back to my PC after a break and restart the game, I get a message that my redshell.dll file is either corrupt or not compatible with Windows. Well... it was just...
  7. Zedman

    Future Caches

    From what I've seen so far, looks like Anarchy Online has come to Secret World, lol.
  8. Zedman


    Next Cache: Coming Soon - The next cache is set to launch with the above raid patch. This means that the Infernal Cache will no longer drop, although any Infernal Caches 'in the wild' are still able to be opened. The upcoming cache is themed around vintage sci-fi and cyberpunk, featuring visuals...
  9. Zedman

    Helpful links for new players

    I didn't see any posts linking to other helpful sites from the LoMS forums, so just thought I would put up a few links that I found useful while I was soloing on my own before I joined this cabal. First and foremost, this site was my SWL bible. Hell, I think I'd still be running around...