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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Symmetric, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    Updated Sept. 17 2017
    Starting this thread over again! Thank you all for the great suggestions over the years. Please continue using this thread for feedback and requests. Thanks!
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  2. Streakz

    Streakz Dir. of Virgin sacrifices and Cookies inventory

    Where would the Virgin and Cookie door be at now since we have a new home

    Great Job guys
  3. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    Updated with all the new features we've added and changed since the site was launched!
  4. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    A note about the events system - the times specified for an event are in the time zone that was selected when the event was created. It does NOT convert the times to the time zone setting you have chosen in your profile settings.

    For example, Catknip's NYC raid is scheduled for 9PM MDT (Mountain Time). For those of you in the US and most of Canada, this would be 11PM on the East Coast and 8PM on the West Coast.

    To see which time zone the event is scheduled in, look directly below the time the event is scheduled for. The Upcoming Events block in the sidebar also lists the time zone under each event.

    I am working with the developer of the addon to introduce timezone conversion based on the time zone you selected in your forum preferences. For now, when signing up for an event, please be sure to verify the time zone that was chosen for the event and perform the necessary conversion on your own.
  5. Ribara

    Ribara The Secret World Officer

    Can we also get the option to set 24-hour time pretty please?

    I'm not very used to this AM/PM stuff so 12 AM and 12 PM does not make any logical sense to me and any stuff listed as such I need to do guesswork based on if I think it is the middle of the day or middle of the night, or the other way around.

    (And I don't need a lecture in the silly "logic" or reasoning behind what of 12 AM and 12 PM is noon and what is midnight. I'm just asking for the option to not have to think.)
  6. Xenthal

    Xenthal Retired Staff Member Donator

    I enabled 24 hour mode for the calendar, maybe that will help :p
  7. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    Sure, make it harder for us 'muricans.
  8. Xenthal

    Xenthal Retired Staff Member Donator

    most people find pm/am harder then the 24 hour system tho wich is pretty straight forward lol
  9. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    You know we can't count past 12 in America.
  10. Alziz

    Alziz The Secret World Officer

    Oh, I found this option some time ago. It's awesome!
  11. Kalinai

    Kalinai Captain AWOL Donator

    When I try to use the forums with my phone's default browser (Galaxy S3, Android) it's sluggish and will fully freeze if I attempt to log in (freezes when I hit the Log In button to pull down that div with username/password box).

    The Tapatalk ad at the top is a pain to close, too.

    However, the forums work wonderfully on my desktop :)
  12. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    Does this happen on our custom theme, the default XF theme, or both?

    I'll remove it. The popup on first visit is enough.
  13. Kalinai

    Kalinai Captain AWOL Donator

    Default theme. Haven't tried the others yet, I probably should.

    My phone doesn't get reception at work, so I don't browse on it often
  14. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    Default theme as in the stock XenForo theme, or default as in the custom one that we made default (the one with all the TSW themed backgrounds)? I suppose we should come up with better names...
  15. Vidante

    Vidante Facebook Cat Inspector

    First of all, I am really loving Xenforo. I used PHPBB for a past guild and it really didn't work for us. Despite that I kept it working for 3 years because I couldn't find a real alternative.

    A few things:

    1) Links need to*pop* morein the loms theme. Looking at this -> #page# <- it is not apparent there are several links. It looks like you tweaked the color of the font to grey, but maybe a light blue would stand out a bit more without really detracting like what is in the xenforo default.

    2)Naming of forums: For RSS and other reasons, it might help to have the title of the game in the name of the forum. You have announcements in every forum category (per game) so when I sees something new in an announcements thread, I automatically think it is for TSW. It's a small issue, and maybe I can just make sure I grab the feeds for only the sections I want as opposed to the one for the whole site.

    3) I also think the time should be changeable somehow. A little confusing to see Catknip's raid at 9pm MDT, when the default for the site (and my TZ) is EDT. I'd keep on them for a fix for that in a later patch.

    That is all for now. Thank you for all the work you have done!
  16. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    I'm glad you like it! I was a long time user of phpBB and vBulletin, but when XF came along, even as a 1.0, it blew them out of the water. The developers actually worked on vBulletin prior to 3.0, which partly explains why it's so good. vBulletin was crap from 4.0 onward.

    I agree. I've changed it to a grayish-blue that should hopefully stand out more.

    I haven't used the RSS feature yet, but do thread prefixes appear in the feed? It may make more sense to use just one announcements forum and use prefixes to denote what the announcement is about.

    This is only a problem with the events system, which I have posted about. Unfortunately it does not convert the time the event was posted in to the time zone you have set in your preferences. I have submitted a feature request with the addon's author and hopefully it will be implemented soon. For now, just be sure to note the timezone that was set for the event and do the conversion on your own.
  17. Vidante

    Vidante Facebook Cat Inspector

    Never got to look under the hood of vBulliten. I read the reviews though, but it never really did anything for me.

    Looks good. Not quite subtle, but doesn't scream LINK HERE. Should work fine.

    I really have to give you some in depth examples, but the tags like Global and The secret World definitely do not come across in the RSS feed. I have no clue if there is a way to teak the RSS module though.

    Cool. I thought I read something about that in a previous post. If they get that right it would be awesome. As it stands, it kicks butt over Raid Ninja.
  18. Kalinai

    Kalinai Captain AWOL Donator

    Can we raise the Media limit in posts to 7, please? Not necessary, but was trying to embed vids in the HF NM guide and hit the cap. :D

  19. Symmetric

    Symmetric Moooooooof Staff Member Donator

    Make it 10. :)
  20. Kalinai

    Kalinai Captain AWOL Donator

    Awesome, thank you!

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