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    Welcome to the (increasingly) comprehensive New York Raid guide for Story Mode, Elite 1 and Elite 5 difficulties.
    E1 is exactly the same mechanics, aside from Whisper requiring tanks to work, and only somewhat higher stats.
    E5 introduces dramatically new and less forgiving mechanics. (Under construction)

    Firstly: for returning veterans, expect the same show (but easier, because it's SM).

    For virginal groups looking to play with tentacles...

    Group composition: 2 tanks, 2 healers and 1 dps in one group, 5 dps in the other group. Figure out who's main- and off-tank before, as Underlurker will alternate between the two dealing major damage. It CAN be solo healed, but better safe than squished.

    E5 notes: You may want three tanks here. If there's one very good healer, it's ideal, but otherwise consider dropping a dps spot to ensure a mechanically smooth run. If you're tight on ranged damage, go back to two tanks and be very careful.


    MT runs to Boss and engages. OT follows and prepares to take aggro. Unlike TSW, Boss AUTOMATICALLY swaps aggro between the top two on his hate chart, so there's no need for tanks to do anything other than race in a controlled fashion.
    Boss' main attack, "Whisper of Darkness," will cause tanks' screen to dramatically dim as 40 stacks of his Whisper count down - it seemed the off-tank took stacks when ~10 stacks were remaining. Main tank should stay to the right; all others, don't drop particle effects on them.

    E1 note: using a force-taunt at just under 10 stacks seems ideal. Good calling of stacks between tanks - set eachother as defensive targets - is critical.

    DPS ensure they're not going to be filthed when moving - Boss throws one persistent AoE that needs to be dropped away from the combat area - and then engage the boss at melee range or up to about 7m away, as filth bombs will only drop on players PAST the metal grate immediately in front of boss.

    E5 notes: filth puddles are permanent for the entire fight. Let the horror soak in a minute there... you MUST have one designated player (ideally a third tank devoted to golems) to place filth FAR off to the sides to ensure it doesn't slaughter your group on movement phases.
    Titan tank (or a dps) should not lose sprint until after the first wave. All you're doing is placing Dreamer poop.

    Boss will also cast, "Beneath you it Devours," at which point a "pod" will come tunneling towards the group; one player, designated as the "podder" will intercept the pod on the boss' side of the large lamp post. The goal is to barely touch the pod's radius, at which point an expanding circle will indicate the tentacle's location is set - podder should immediately dodge the shortest direction out of the cast or risk being captured. If podded, they need to be broken free by ranged DPS. Melee, don't attempt to leave the grate. Ranged dps should be able to handle pods.


    E5 notes: Pods can no longer be intercepted by just anyone - a single player will get a glowing red orb over their heads and THEY must run back and get podded (you're stunned when the pod's radius touches you - Phoenecian Support Strategem might work, but I haven't tested that).
    Ranged DPS should prepare to turn and burn pods ASAP - watch for filth placement as the survivor escapes.
    If all surviving players are close to the boss (grate range) it will cast
    "Personal Space" which will most likely wipe your group with a huge AoE. So, if filth placer dies for some strange reason, someone will have to assume the role.

    Engaging the boss on the grate, ALL players ensure they step out of the Boss' giant fist AoE - huge telegraph that's easy to see when it's not covered an excess of particle effects.

    Continue this pattern until the Boss stops attack and begins casting "Shadow from Beyond" - when he rears back and the sky grows dark, GTFO.


    Your group's response to Shadow from Beyond should remain pretty much the same - duck for cover, but don't kill yourself doing it. The biggest issue is what happens AFTER he casts - the attack does minimal damage but hugely knocks your character back while applying a 30s debuff that reduces incoming heals... *looks at tanks*
    The big thing to watch out for is the swarms of filthy zombies that come shambling at an alarming rate from the furthest corners from the Boss. The #1 priority for DPS here is to quickly burn the adds down; no matter what else is going on drop your burn and contribute an AoE or hinder to the fight.

    E5 notes: your new dps priority over all else will be the giant, filthy titan that spawns each wave on opposite sides of the arena. Until it is dead, all small adds will respawn and get meaner. Frequent impairs from DPS are desirable. To ensure targeting, DPS can just aim above the crowd at the titan's head from on top of rubble.
    If SFB hits little adds, they turn into filth dogs. Kill titans ASAP!

    SFB triggers when...
    1. Boss reaches HP/time threshold - KILL THE ADDS
    2. Flappy spawns die - but it's quite delayed, so just get ready to take a position while continuing DPS on birds.

    It's also worth noting that SFB resets boss aggro.


    After the first SFB, a total of four Flappy adds will spawn, often overlapping depending on DPS speed. MT engages the first, with OT on the lookout for the next spawn, with MT leapfrogging the next etc.
    Boids will spawn, counterclockwise, in one of three positions until the fourth and final one lands. The positions are: back by the nearest police car to the well, in front of the Boss' right fist and in front of the Boss' left fist.
    Once a Boid dies, SFB is triggered after a delay, so keep up DPS for a bit first... but as soon as SFB is initiated, GET ON ADD SPAWNS.

    E5 notes: Only three birds spawn, along with three titans. Main tank engages birds, Titan tank engages titans and Off-tank would do well to try to pull groups of adds away from people.

    After fourth Boid drops, tanks should make their way (careful of the filth) closer to the boss under cover while SFB casts - tanks need to engage ASAP to avoid healers taking aggro. DPS follow more slowly, taking care of the last add spawns - add control is critical to a smooth raid; I cannot emphasize this enough.


    When you've knocked the filthy feather off your weapons and return to fighting the boss (watch for filth goobers on the way up), you'll find three nice buff circles/people have come to join you. I'm not sure if there's a restriction to the number of people in a given buff circle or if you can stack freely in SM, but still stay around the grate.
    Dodge fists and whatnot between frequent casts of SFB - KILL ADDS - while trying to place inevitable filth goobers AWAY from the corners of rubble at the end of the Boss' fists where your group will be dashing for cover.
    This will happen several times, so there's plenty of opportunities for awful filth goober placement - don't be that person.

    E5 notes: remember that there will be titans! Tanks must not only deal with swapping aggro on the Boss, but also ensure the titan doesn't smash your healers and DPS in its AoE.
    This is where Titan tank shines - pick those filthy bastards up and let rdps mow them down - but keep in mind that you're still placing filth and not getting close enough to trigger Personal Space.
    If you're going two tanks, engage the titan in the middle circle - dps needs to burn the titan ASAP and clean up adds.
    If the tank currently targeted by Whisper looks away from the Boss, it seemed to dump aggro. It's a "feature."


    When Boss reaches about 20% health, he'll begin the (fairly short) cast for "Final Resort" which will oneshot anyone inside it... unless you kill him first! If there's any doubt about your DPS, lean towards GTFO so you can dash back in and continue the burn.


    Enjoy your loot! Any mechanical errors or updates are appreciated.
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  2. Morven

    Morven LoMS Member

    A note on the aggro swap - I'm reasonably (but not 100%) sure that you can tell who it's about to transfer to. When Da Loiker is getting near the aggro switch point whoever is #2 on the hate table will get a glowy buff over their head (looks kinda like the Eye of Sauron), indicating that they're about to get Whispered; I'm also reasonably confident (again not 100%) that if you're a notatank, see the Eye floating over your head and use a threat dump (Distractor gadget, for example) it will move to a different home. Something to watch for, especially in Story if there's a significant gear gap between the meat shields tanks and deeps/heelz.
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  3. Merihem

    Merihem Misanthrope.

    I know there's a fuzzy red orb that appears over the head of the person targeted by pods...?
  4. Morven

    Morven LoMS Member

    May be the same orb, may be that popping a detaunt prevents getting podded? Dunno. I was orbed at one point, hit my Distractor, orb went away, was neither podded nor Whispered.
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  5. Chivashon

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    I never got a chance to experience the raid back in tsw. I stopped playing right before Tokyo and the raid were first announced so this was informative. I've been taking a break from the game so I haven't been on. Looks like I should try story mode to learn it. What's the difference with elites?

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  6. Merihem

    Merihem Misanthrope.

    So far as I hear, Elite 1 is very similar to SM, but requires tanks to perform the aggro swap.

    Elite 5 requires the aggro swap and introduces several new mechanics:

    1. Cannot have the entire group up front or a cast, "Personal Space," will trigger and slaughter you. Someone (usually healer) hangs back and places filth in order to prevent the cast trigger.
    2. Filth puddles last the entire fight. One bad placement can lead to wipes.
    3. Pods become unstoppable seeking missiles that must be intercepted - pod catcher (glowy orb overhead) must run back and give it a hug to keep pod off main group. DPS then burn podded out at range.
    4. Along with the birds (and in later waves of SFB) you'll get a filthy titan - he is #1 priority, even over birds, as screamy add swarm will revive as long as he's up.
    5. Tanks should never look away from the boss when they have aggro, as it's a "feature" to lose aggro with LoS. Dunno.

    Didn't get a completion last night, but we did push the boss into his final phase twice... hopefully e5 clear soon!
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  7. FractalRain

    FractalRain The Chaos Assistant Donator

    Looks like there is a guide for E1 up on Reddit too. But, this little tidbit was in there and I had forgotten about it: If you have stacks from Whisper of Darkness, you don't need to hide from Shadows out of Time. It will not push you back. This is really good to know for us tanks so we can continue aggro management.
  8. Zedman

    Zedman LoMS Member

    Any thought of scheduling a weekly guild raid for this so we know when to show up? I would only be able to do the easy mode one for now.
  9. Merihem

    Merihem Misanthrope.

    Raid can be repeated whenever you want for diminished rewards. Updated for known e5 mechanics.
  10. Merihem

    Merihem Misanthrope.

    I add peectures and a bit more e5 refining... ranged dps burst seems to be a big choke point in final stage of the fight.

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