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    How to become a Monster Slayer:
    So you're looking to join us? Great! We have no formal application or recruitment process. Getting an invite is as simple as asking for one from one of our officers. Before requesting an invitation, please make sure you do the following:
    • Join the #LoMSGlobal channel: As a multi-faction cabal, we use this channel as our global chat channel. It's used for everything from organizing groups, discussing strategies, and simply chatting about cookies. To join the channel, just type /chat join lomsglobal in the chat window. Since TSW doesn't save the custom channels you've joined, we recommend downloading a script which will automatically join LoMSGlobal for you every time you log in. You can find the script here.
    • Read and agree to our Code of Conduct: LoMS is a fairly laid back cabal, but we do have a few rules that all members are expected to abide by. Nothing crazy, just treat other players with respect, don't cheat, etc. The Code of Conduct can be found here.
    • Ask for an invite: When you're in #LoMSGlobal chat, just ask. We have lots of people with invite rights. Someone will help you out.
    • Install TeamSpeak: Though it's not required, we do use TeamSpeak for voice comms when running dungeons, lairs, raids, etc. Being able to listen to directions and ask questions using voice chat is much easier than typing everything out. It's also a great way to get to know your cabal mates. You can download TeamSpeak here.
    • We also have Discord! Discord:
    • Sign up on the forums: You're on them now, so why not create an account if you haven't already? You can sign up using your email address, or connect using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Steam account. We use the forums for everything, including discussing build ideas, collaborating on dungeon strategies, talking about other games, and much more. We also have an events calendar, which we use for organizing dungeon and lair runs, as well as other cabal activities. It only takes a couple minutes to sign up and it's easy and fun to use!
    Cabal Officers:
    Dragon: Beecher, MadLyric and Ribara
    Illuminati: Excelzion, AwkwardTurtle and Iecta
    Templar: Mikunawa, Bellosh and Fleta
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